This Earth offers the whispers of balance.
A place that is -
it just IS.
We can apply science or religion or a price tag or emotion or logic or possession or meaning or void or movement or darkness or burns or salt or nail polish or gauze or hot sauce or massages or platinum or plastic or techno or head-banging-rock or fuchsia or tropical breezes or sophisticated glances or subtle or sweet or separate boxes.

Just apply what's inside...
when you see it in your mind
when it melts out of your mouth
when it leads your toes to dance it

The puzzle pieces are


All of me.

Becoming one.
Countless exchanges of purpose -
the passing of lessons and heart holding moments that teach us what makes sense.
What's important?
How we like to be.
How we like to love.
What feels good?
How we slowly discover...
Some teach us spirituality.
Some teach us friendship.
Some teach us sexuality.
Some teach us addiction or abuse.
Some teach us gentle touch.
Some teach us patience.
Some teach us laughter.
Some teach us what it's like to speak up and draw the line.
What impression do we want to leave?
It's a choice.
Do we want to leave a taste of humble?
A taste of acidic overtones?
A taste of complexity?
A taste of blatant surrender?
Here's my two cents.
We can not choose incorrectly as long as we own it.
We can not mess up if the splats we splat reveal trust.
Try it.
Try it.
Then one day,
we can not fall into the same hurtful darkness.
The only darkness we will find holds us
as we weep in pain while letting go.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Do not give up on what peace may mean for you.
It's out there.
It may take many falls to get there,
but it is waiting.
A promise of loving kindness prevails.



The hills were so filled with golden morsels of kisses and picturesque warmth as if they were painted just for my eyes.
Wow, I love you.
I have been through so much in this life.

So have you.

This time, I feel I get why I deserve someone that's as complicated and reflective as I.
A partner that consciously care takes my well-being
with delight
Like, fearlessly and ferociously.

He's whole.

Whole lotta goofy-dorkiness.
Whole multitude of gracefulness.

May these moments remind us all
why yesterday has happened in order to recognize the richness of today.

This today is the most me I've ever tasted.

This today is tender
gently fly.

May you always be peaceful and revel in how much the Universe loves
till our last breath does come.


Pieces of me.

Tiny rainbows.
So unusually peaceful
yet, daring.
readily sway.

I saunter through my creation space to
find you flowing in rhythm of organic breath
from above
just because you were built to.

Can I follow you?
I need to move
and color like you do...

For the tones you own
are delicate and unexpected.
I see a triangle of life and brightness and sound



She’s the one that knows all of your reckless twists and turns.
She shows you shelter as she blankets your divots and jagged edges
with flowing tenderness.
She makes a shadowy moment an exclusive new brand of fresh
that can’t be bought at your favorite store.
The myriad of voices that resonate selflessness
the core of wholeness flying in you.
A shared meditation at the top of a mountain leaves you
looking upward
to birds riding sapphire thermals of a breakthrough.
She’ll entertain your craziest dreams while
holding a hand written sign that says “Goofball.”
She brings with her basil infused olive oil from Paso to dip whole grain bread as you indulge.
She carefully decorates goddess cards that encompass all that you stand for.
She lets you know your tribe is only as far away as speed dial.
She knows in moments of silence, something amazing is about to bloom.
She busts out wacky dance moves in the middle of your living room
because she feels free in your space.
She embodies the convictions you strive to attain
with every cell in her body cheering for your success.
She is love,
She is light,
and she is so far from perfect.


I believe in gentle harmony.

The human spirit is an enormously vast expression of infinity.
The palpable truth is...we clarify what indentation we’d like to leave.
I have heard the view in front of us is the very palate we are ready to paint with.
The more I chew on this between my very well-built teeth, the more I dare to add flavor and saturation.
When I take a moment to see someone’s soul, a moment to strap on their boots, I feel how limited my view may be.
We don’t know until we stop speaking.
We don’t know until we start speaking.
We don’t know until we step outside of our “selves” to breathe in unison.
I know joy…even in the midst of pain.
The bottom line is,
we don’t know until we know.
Enjoy yourself.
Take only what you need...



How can it be defined?

Is it soothing?
Is it coarse?
Is it prickly?
Is it gentle?
Is it fluid?

Is it velvety?
Is it consistent?
Is it complicated?
Is it sweet?
Is it cold?

Maybe it's simply being naked.


You called it in the company of the forest at magic hour of twilight.

Two coyotes danced in the distance just after you quietly sung,
The ruby chi tea was still teasing my tongue.
Funny how I was beneath our feet and you were above in the sky,
Venus and Mars holding the space nearby.
Can I just say the cusp of cheek and mouth is stupendous since you?
Something has started - don’t know what - but it’s an angelic dream of new.
Oh, I’ll gracefully stay…
I’ll stay there where life is like a mound of yearning clay.
Thank you for awakening the hand inside of me.



I identify with a culture that wants, needs, understands and practices selfless love.
I identify with a value system that honors loyalty, courage, promises and dogs - not color, sex, money and control.
I identify with marriage as something you do not commit to without wanting to marry yourself first.
I identify with spirituality as something that is sacred, personal and keeps one centered.
I identify with if you were not taught healthy boundaries, there is nothing wrong with silence to learn them.
I identify with exterior beauty meaning NOTHING without interior beauty.
I identify with a person being most beautiful when they fight dis-ease with grace.
I identify with a culture that comes together in moments of crisis.
I identify with age and youth being a state of mind.
I identify with if one decides to love life like a child, it is in good health to be childlike instead of childish.
I identify with education being a right to everyone.
I identify with being intelligent as completely different than being smart.
I identify with seeking psychotherapy to keep up with your emotional health.
I identify with material wealth as NEVER being more important than human touch and kindness.
I identify with life being what we make it to be.



It can eat ...

It can float...

It can divide...

It can excite...

It can move.


Mr. Moon.

As I turn another page to solidify knowledge about
the nervous system,
a healthly level of blood pressure against the vessel walls,
and vital capacity of the precious lungs,
the "anticipatory effect" takes over.
(Most commonly referred to as the emotional heart rate).

I sit back and wander for a moment...
I can see the azure mantle that frames
music flowing like visual ripples around your oasis.

You stand proudly upon the stage,
allowing the projection of our precious star
to paint a refection on your infamous face.
In unison, we are the beautiful, bountiful, blissful universe.

I get lost in your enchantment.
I am recharged.

Did you know a healthy resting heart rate
is 120/60 mm Hg?
Well, it's a fact
I just realized what that feels like.



They bow with GRACE.

Golden in the distance... they disappear as they BLESS.



They stay strong when we play for no reason.

They help us know sincere connection and tell us to hold it close.

They help us find our message and let our spirit guide as we give it.

They help us find magic amongst strangers and late night bonfires.

They guide us to take a picture that wants to be in the competition.

They help us find glorious reflections in the smallest of spaces.



It only lasts as long as we protect it.

Once we have chosen to skip steps, it's hard to be sensitive to subtlety.

Once we have given away all we have to offer, there is very little left to wander through.

When we continue to be captivated by it...

...it rewards us with a moment that can only be felt, not spoken.


Now, hear.

We must decide on our own
to be FREE.
Nothing can shake us enough to fall apart
If we choose to be ALIVE.
No storm, no cage, no connection should weaken.

Bleeding and peeling is beautiful.
They need to happen in order
to GROW.

Whisper a moment...
and peel away for the SELF.

That pocket of dreams we carry
keeps us breathing with exuberance
when the agenda is PURE.

Follow the maps, dear one.
We will share more of our routes as we choose to smash T O G E T H E R.